Stanton Community Primary School and Nursery

Stanton Community Primary School and Nursery, Upthorpe Road, Stanton , Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 2AW

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Everyone at Stanton Primary School is a big fan of Class Dojo!

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages. Please click on the links below for more information...


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Student Accounts

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How Do I access Class Dojo?

Your child's teacher can add you using your email address or they can give you a personal code so you can link yourself to your child's account. It is completely secure and you can only access your own child's information or any photos the teacher shares on the whole class or school page. Please do talk to your teacher or Mrs Bonnelykke if you have any further questions.


Class Dojo's Mission

To bring communities together and give them the tools, ideas, and energy to improve education for all kids.

At ClassDojo, we want to transform education for every kid in the world. To do this – and do it soon – we have a simple plan: connect teachers, parents, and students in every classroom, and work with them every day to bring the best ideas into their classrooms.

It's not about creating an “ideal” classroom, a one-size-fits-all model that everyone must fit, because there's no such thing. Instead, we believe that teachers, parents and students should have the power to create an incredible classroom that is best for them. And, we believe that when you give good people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen.

That's how we believe we can transform education. Together. By helping every teacher, parent, and student in the world create an incredible classroom all their own.