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Design & Technology

A strong foundation for Design and Technology begins in the Nursery at Stanton Primary where the children start building models using junk, Lego, building blocks, straws, sticks; pretty much anything that they find. They explore the properties of adhesives and various joining techniques as well as working towards controlling a pair of scissors which can often be tricky. Just like in our Reception class these models are led by their interests and are often integral to their play: they don’t see it as learning! In Hazel Class children are encouraged to draw a plan for their models and consider which materials would be appropriate to make it with.  When the doweling was too long according to a child’s plan they simply marked where they wanted to cut it and did so, safely using a junior hacksaw. The safe use of tools is encouraged throughout the school and are their use is specific to the task in hand. We promote use of subject specific language in techniques and when referring to tools: children like to know the correct names for equipment.

Just like in our Art the children’s learning in this area is linked to the whole school topic but varies year on year to keep it fresh and challenging.  We promote process over product, whilst a beautiful end product is desirable and indeed something to be proud of we do not underestimate the learning that has taken place to get there and celebrate this development. Design and Technology is a great opportunity to see so many of the Learning Powers in action.

Design and Technology also encompasses cooking and nutrition and once again this begins in our Nursery. Nursery cook weekly and share a daily healthy snack. Snack and chat time in Hazel Class has proved to be a valuable time to try new food items including seasonal and exotic fruits and vegetables and to talk about their health benefits.

We are extremely fortunate at Stanton Community Primary School to have a cooking room for the children’s use, a whole class can use it at the same time!