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Welcome to Maple Class!

Our topic this term in Maple is Robots

In English we are reading the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 

Using the book for inspiration; we will be learning about electrical circuits and linkages and levers. 

In English the children have been thinking about how large the Iron Man is and have been using adventurous vocabulary to describe this.  

Maple Class

Books to Compliment Year 4 Power of Reading Texts

Other books that the children may like to read that have a similar theme or are by the same author: 


The Iron Giant, Warner Bros 1999

The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes 

The Mermaids purse by Ted Hughes

The Dreamfighter by Ted Hughes 

Nessie the Mannerless Monster by Ted Hughes

Little Robot by Ben Hatke

Wendel and the robots by Chris Riddell

Big Hero 6 by Disney. 

In French our topic is "Holiday and Hobbies." The children will be learning how to explain the holidays they are going on and the hobbies that they enjoy and do not enjoy doing. 

During Maths Express the children have enjoyed using place value counters to partition 4-digit numbers in different ways. 

In Science our topic is Electricity. The children will be learning about complete and incomplete circuits, appliances that use electricity as well as conductors and insulators.