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Beliefs and Reflections

Beliefs and Reflections Statement of Intent

 At Stanton Religious Education is called Beliefs and Reflections.  This is because it is our intent that through Religious Education children can develop their own values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  Children learn about the key world religions and are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs and what we can learn from others.  For this reason we have chosen to follow the Emmanuel Project scheme of work, which covers the agreed Suffolk syllabus for Religious Education.  It has a strong emphasis on learning about and from religion and ensures clear progression across the whole school.


Our intent is to ensure that we developed the children’s understanding of the local community as well as the heritage of this country.  We feel it’s important that our children have an understanding of why we celebrate Easter, Christmas and other key festivals.  We have close connections with the local village Church of England Church, All Saints.  The children are regular visitors to the building where they participate in the key church festivals or other activities to support their learning about Christianity.  We also benefit from regular ‘Open the Book’ sessions where members of the church congregation come to share Bible stories and to discuss the morals that accompany them. 


At Stanton, we do not have children from a diverse number of cultures or religions so we therefore feel it is vital that children across the school are introduced to and immersed in teaching and learning experiences that show a true representation of our country today and the wider world.  We feel it is important that as our youngest children enter our Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms, with different experiences, families and different boundaries, that focus is given to them learning how to get along and to form their own community within the school.  As children progress across the school they learn about different cultural events and stories through assemblies, special classroom activities, visits and Beliefs and Reflections teaching days. We embrace and celebrate difference.


Around a quarter of the pupils at Stanton have active parents in the Armed Forces, many of which are based at the local RAF base in Honington.  With this is mind, children often have questions in relation to current cultural conflicts in the world and will often question the actions of people from certain cultures.  At Stanton, our aim is to address these questions with openness and sensitivity.  We facilitate children in understanding that not all people from a culture will behave in the same way, that there is both diversity between and within different groups of people. 


Overall, our intent through our Beliefs and Reflections teaching is that children can learn about their own morals, beliefs and values and can become responsible, respectful and caring members of society as their progress through life.

Children Learning Beliefs and Reflections

Early Years and Foundation Stage

In the EYFS, Beliefs and reflections is included within the Understanding of the World area of learning.  As with all areas of learning in the EYFS, children learn about key religious celebrations and festivals predominantly through play.  The children’s learning is fun and exploratory and enhanced through the use of artefacts, stories, art, role play and songs.  Children are encouraged to share what and how they celebrate at home and to start to think about and accept similarities and differences between them and others both within and between different families, religions and communities.  Children are encouraged to question what is right and what is wrong and to think about how they can be morally good people.

Useful Documents

For more information on the school's teaching and learning in Beliefs and Reflections please do not hesitate to get in contact with Mrs Leighton, the Beliefs and Reflection's lead, or click on the links below for some informative documents.


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Children Recording beliefs and Reflections 

Beliefs and Reflections at Home 

These web pages have access to a range of different animated stories and short films which will enhance the children's knowledge of the key world religions and issues relating to them. 


Key Stage One


Key Stage Two 


All year groups