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Miss Ingham, Mrs Horrex and Miss McKenna welcome you to Silver Birch!

A brief introduction...


This is Miss Ingham's third year in Silver Birch Class and at Stanton. She absolutely loves history, English and phonics. Mrs Horrex has been in Silver Birch for two years now and she loves maths and art. This is Miss McKenna's first year in Silver Birch and she enjoys music and being in the forest!


P.E days in Silver Birch Class are a Monday and a Thursday. We suggest your P.E. kits are left in school and taken home every half term. Just incase anything changes! Please make sure your child has suitable outdoor clothing including a jumper and bottoms. You can find a full uniform checklist here.


In Year 2 the children are assigned a weekly slot where they will spend quality time with a teacher reading and discussing their book. The children will then get their book changed. Please speak to Miss Ingham for your child's weekly reading slot. 

Our library day is a Friday. Please make sure your child's library book is in school every Friday so they can change it, if they wish to do so. 


Knowledge Organiser Flowchart 

Learning in Silver Birch 

In Silver Birch Class, we love learning and we have lots of fantastic topics throughout the year!


Autumn Term

During the first half of Autumn Term we are going to be focussing on using our marvellous mapping skills! We are going to be reading the brilliant book by Katharine Quarmby and Richard O’Neill called Ossiri and the Bala Mengro. The children will be making their own musical instruments in the style of Ossiri's Tattin Django. 

Ossiri and the Bala Mengro Knowledge Organiser.docx


During the second part of Autumn Term we are travelling back in time to 1666 to investigate the Great Fire of London. We will learn where and how the fire started, the duration of the fire, and about Samuel Pepys, who wrote a diary documenting the event. The children will be using their knowledge of how the Great Fire started to recreate the scene from Pudding Lane.


GFOL Knowledege Organiser 

Spring Term 

During the first half of the spring term are going to be learning about the world's seven continents and specifically Africa. We are going to be reading Lila and the Secret of Rain which is a story about a little girl who lives in Kenya, Africa. The children will be learning how to use clay to make tradition African pottery. We will also be cooking a delicious cous-cous dish! Yum! 


Lila and the Secret of Rain Knowledge Organiser.docx 



During the second part of the spring term we are going to be learning about the world's five oceans. We are going to be reading the Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton. The children discover that in the deepest part of the sea lies the Black Rock which is said to destroy any boats that come near it. The children will love uncovering the truth behind this story.

Summer Term

During the first part of the summer term we are going to be focusing our learning on Castles, Knights and Dragons. We will be learning about life in a medieval castle, who worked there and who carried out different jobs. We will also be learning about the different types of castles; such as a Motte and Bailey, Concentric Castle and a Stone Keep Castle and how they defended themselves from the enemy. We will be exploring significant Monarchs who lived in castles and the effect their reign had on England in medieval times and currently. We will be looking at A Knight in the Making by Patrick O'Brien and The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon. 

During the next part of the summer term we are going to be reading one of Miss Ingham's favourite books - Lob! This book tells a magical story of a mysterious green man who lives in Grandpa Will's garden. However, we learn that you have to be very special to see this green man. The main character Lucy hopes that one day she will be able to meet him. Within this half term the children will be learning what a plant needs to grow. They will also be planting potatoes, cress and beautiful flowers. 

Home Learning

In Year 2 the children are expected to continue their learning at home. This includes a short daily phonics activity when a new sound is learnt in school,  weekly spellings and weekly maths. We also expect the children to read with an adult at home daily. Please click on the link below for the cover letter from the inside of the Home Learning books.

Home Learning Letter KS1 


Websites to Support Home Learning 

Primary Homework Help

BBC Bitesize

TT Rockstars



Phonics Play 


Year 2 Expectation Documents 

 KS1 Spellings 

Year 2 Reading Expectations

Year 2 Writing Expectations

Year 2 Maths Expectations