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Beech Class

Miss Littleton, Mrs Warrington and Mrs Bovingdon 

welcome you to Year 1.

A brief introduction...

It's Miss Littleton's first year teaching at Stanton Primary School, it's also her first time in Year 1.  Miss Littleton is passionate about teaching Phonics, Maths and P.E.  


We have our P.E lessons timetabled for a Tuesday and a Wednesday, we suggest that the children bring their P.E kits into school and leave them on their pegs for the whole half term - just in case!  Please click here to be taken to our uniform check list. 


In Beech Class we visit the school library every Thursday, please make sure that your child has their school library book in their book bag ready to be changed on this day. 

Beech Class Learning

In Beech Class, we love to learn and have chosen some fantastic texts and topics to explore throughout the year!


The Importance of the Knowledge Organiser. 

Autumn Term

During the first half of the Autumn Term we will be focusing on improving our knowledge of the U.K and its surrounding seas. We will learn about the four countries that make up the U.K and discover their capital cities, flags and famous foods.  All through our Power of Reading text 'The Everywhere Bear'. 

The Everywhere Bear Knowledge Organiser.


Within the second half of the Autumn Term we will take a D.T focus, where we will learn about different types of sliders and levers. We will then plan and create a group project based on a class favourite 'I Want My Hat Back'.  

Spring Term

Within the first half of the Spring Term we will be learning about the basic parts of the human body, using our Power of Reading text 'Traction Man'. We will explore the bodies five senses and know which body parts these are each associated with. 


During the second part of the Spring Term we will be continuing our work in Science by learning about different types of animals and their key features. We will be questioning where these animals get their food from and deciding whether they are plant eaters, meat eaters, or both!  This learning will take place alongside our Power of Reading text 'Croc and Bird'.

Summer Term 

Within the first half of the Summer Term we will be learning about St Edmund, the first patron saint of England. The History of St Edmund will be discovered through the book 'There's a Head in my Bed' by Hatty Ashton.  We will learn of battles between Vikings and Saxons and tales of talking wolves. 

During the second half of the Summer Term we will be learning about plants through our Power of Reading text 'The Secret Sky Garden'. We will grow plants and learn about their basic features, as well as how to prepare some of their vegetables for eating! Yum!  

Home Learning

In year 1 the children are expected to continue their learning at home every day. This includes daily reading and a short 5 minute phonics challenge that is completed in their Phonics practise books. In Year 1 we also set a weekly Maths challenge and weekly spellings. After the Autumn half term our day for spellings will be a Friday.   

Please click on the link below to view the school's Home Learning Letter.

Home learning Letter


Websites to Support Home Learning

BBC Bitesize



Phonics Play 


Year 1 Expectation Documents 



Year 1/2 Spelling List