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 Oracy Statement of Intent


Stanton Community Primary school, our aim in spoken language is to provide a sound foundation for the development of oracy skills from debate to poetry and verbal feedback to talk for presentational purposes. At the heart of good oracy is a dialogic classroom. Our classrooms are rich in talk, from effective questioning to constructive peer discussions and teachers use talk skilfully to develop and encourage critical thinking. There is a clear understanding in school of how talk aids teaching, analysis and higher order metacognition. Oracy is imperative for literacy to function as a tripartite structure of oracy, reading and writing.

We believe spoken language to be fundamental to the achievement of our pupils. To ensure we teach oracy skills across the curriculum and providing our children with a range of oracy opportunities, and a variety of audiences. Our aim is to enable the children improve their levels of oracy so that all pupils are able to communicate effectively and confidently in front of any type of audience We plan for talk across the curriculum and to elevate speaking beyond the classroom. We have a culture of oracy within our school to support and develop our pupils’ confidence, spoken language and written outcomes across and beyond the curriculum.

The children are encouraged to explore ideas through talk across the entire of the curriculum; challenge each other’s opinions and develop their own reasoned arguments, as well as talking in full sentences with a clear and confident voice. The ability to speak eloquently, articulate ideas and thoughts, collaborate with peers and have the confidence to express your views are all vital life skills that support success in learning and life in general.

As a staff, we aim to foster good communication amongst ourselves and with our pupils, their parents and carers, and with the wider community. We place a high priority on supporting the development of good speaking and listening skills amongst our pupils.


Children using Oracy skills 

Talk Tactics: 

At Stanton, the children use a number of strategies to develop their oracy skills. Talk tactics are used throughout lessons in order to develop  their learning. They can extend and aid a conversation. 

In order for the talk tactics to be used in the best possible way there is a progression throughout year groups.

Talk Tactic Progression

Nursery– Challenger

Reception-Builder and Challenger

Year 1 – Builder, Challenger

Year 2 – Builder, Challenger, Summariser

Year 3 - Builder, Challenger, Summariser

Year 4 - Builder, Challenger, Summariser, Clarifier

Year 5 - Builder, Challenger, Summariser, Clarifier, Prober, Instigator

Useful Documents

The Oracy Framework