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RESILIENCE – sticking at tasks even when they appear difficult. Not giving up.

  • In school we have a character called ‘Percy Vere’ and when children get stuck with something we talk about what he would do to try and come up with a solution.
  • Break tasks down into smaller ‘bits’ – if a child is struggling with something try and tackle the problem in stages. Don’t end up doing the task for them, as this will build a ‘reliance’ on others, which in the long run will not help them.
  • Talk ‘through’ a problem with your child or let them talk it through themselves.
  • Keep practising – Practice involves checking, adjusting, experimenting and moving on – it can become frustrating but with support (see above) children will eventually make progress.
  • Give rewards/praise for completing a task.

- I don't give up even when learning is hard
- I like to be challenged
- I don't let myself get distracted
- I notice everything
- I get absorbed in my learning